Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition

After having been in the educational space of building bridges between conventional sports nutrition and integrative nutrition for over a decade, Ian has set up his own certificate course through the Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition.

This educational offering is for practitioners of sports, exercise, nutrition and medicine, and was launched at the beginning of 2018. The  certified 3-module course is taught in London and is also available via an extremely interactive online offering, so that practitioners may be able to access the course from anywhere in the world, or simply upgrade their skills without leaving their desk.

As shown by the following flow chart, the Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition offers three progressive modules:
- Module 1 focuses on developing a deep understanding of the ‘functional model’ as taught by Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine, but with a heavy application into a sports and exercise context.
- Module 2 reviews and strongly questions many of the accepted performance nutrition principles currently taught, while spinning a heavy web of individuality and modern thinking into the course.
- Module 3 looks at many specialised areas of sports nutrition, including specific sports, plus advanced techniques that are used by practitioners when looking to optimise care of athletes at all levels of performance.

Flow chart of modules

View the Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition website here.

by Ian Craig